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  CBMR-NMRS Gold Medal

The Centre of Biomedical Research (CBMR), Lucknow in collaboration with the National Magnetic Resonance Society, India (NMRS) instituted a Gold Medal to encourage Young Scientists doing research in the area of magnetic resonance and its applications in India. This is an annual award. The age limit for eligibility for consideration for the award is 35. The criteria for selection include (i) all the papers published during 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2018 (ii) impact factors of the journals where the work is published. The papers should have full citation, such as, Journal Name, Year, Volume and Page Numbers. Any other format, such as, manuscript accepted, manuscript submitted, manuscript under preparation, manuscript under review, manuscript in press, etc. will not be considered. An average impact and contribution of the young scientist to the work will be computed by taking a weighted average.

I(average) = [ (I1 / N1) + (I2 / N2) + (I3 / N3) ... (In / Nn) ]
I  - Imapct factor of the journal
N - Number of authors in the individual papers
n - Total number of publications of the nominee
      during 01-01-2018 to 31-12-2018

Interested candidates may send their resume along with the list of publications indicating the impact factor of the journals and copies of reprints of the papers, by zipped e-mail attachment, to Prof. C.L. Khetrapal ( and a copy to NMRS President ( so as to reach them by 31/12/2018. The award will be presented in the next NMRS meeting (NMRS-2019).

Prof. C.L. Khetrapal,
Director CBMR,
Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences Campus,
Raebareli Road,
Lucknow- 226 014,

Previous Awardees
  • 2017: Dr. Sandeep Kumar Mishra, IISc, Bangalore
  • 2016: Dr. Veera Mohan, UM-DAE-CBS, Mumbai
  • 2015: Mr. Sandeep Kumar Mishra, IISc, Bangalore
  • 2014: Dr. Sachin Rama Chaudhari, IISc, Bangalore
  • 2013: Dr. Dinesh Kumar, CBMR, Lucknow
  • 2012: Mr. Sachin Rama Chaudhary, IISc, Bangalore
  • 2011: Mr. U.V. Reddy, IISc, Bangalore
  • 2010: Dr. Nilamoni Nath, IISc, Bangalore

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